Our Big Game Commercial… Isn’t Happening

90octane asks kids the $4M question

90octane asks kids the $4M question

Here at 90octane, we have Broncos fever. And while we’d love to express our love for our hometown team with an amazing commercial during the broadcast, we decided that the predicted $4 million asking price might be a bit too steep… this year. Instead, we started thinking about all the other things that $4 million dollars could buy. That led to conversations with our families and friends about what they’d do with that kind of cash. The adults were rather predictable – investments, vacations, new business, to name a few – with the exception of a couple of not-so-family-friendly replies (you know who you are), but the kids’ reactions were priceless. Here’s a sampling:

Katherine (Age 7): “I’d get an ice cream bar in my house, a pool that changes colors, a robot that carries my backpack to school, a lounging chair that massages my back, and a giant animal that has a feather pocket to hold pencils so he can do my homework.”

Lilly (Age 4): “I’d go to the moon and back.” When asked by her mother what she would do on the moon, she replied, “Go for moon walks.”

Julian (Age 4): “I’d buy a Nerf pistol.  Actually, I’d invent it and then buy it. I’d buy a real life rocket ship. And a giant refrigerator to hold ALL my vanilla milk… lots and lots and lots of vanilla milk! I’d buy a house taller than a sky scraper that had a glow-in-the-dark bear in it.”

Anders (Age 7): “A baby for my sister.” His sister is two.

Callie (Age 11): “I’d buy a mini fridge.”

J.J. (Age 6): “I’d buy every iPhone app in the world.”

Gavin (Age 4): “I’d get an airplane flown by remote control.”

Both Houston (Age 4) and Luke (Age 4) shared their desire to take exotic trips… to Chuck E. Cheese.

Isaiah (Age 4): “Go to a hockey game, the Super Bowl, a soccer game and Snake Shock.” His mom has no clue what Snake Shock is.

Alli: (Age 11): “I’d buy Hawaii. Or maybe a house in Hawaii.”

Annabel (Age 4): “I’d get a multi-color pen, a cupcake, a fish and two books.”

Melina (Age 9): “I’d buy a house with a big library and get a really cool bed.”

McKenna (Age 6): “I’d buy a stage, a big screen TV and become a pop star.”

Margaux (Age 7): “I’d spend all of the money at the American Girl store.”

Graham (Age 3): “I’d get mac & cheese.” When told by his mother that $4 million would buy a lot of mac & cheese, he replied, “Daddy would eat it. You would eat it. I would eat it. Yeah!”

Maddie (Age 14): “Did we win the lottery?” When told no, she grudgingly settled on buying a MAC makeup store.

Bradley (Age 8): “I’d give $1 million to a homeless shelter, travel around the world to see places and meet Peyton Manning to get his autograph.”

Harper (Age 3): “I would get an American Girl doll stroller, a lemonade stand and lots of PJs.”

Zion (Age 4): “I would buy candy, ice cream, chocolate and gum. And then give one dollars to lots of people who don’t have monies. I could buy toys for the baby growing in my belly.”

Hmmm… none of the kids mentioned buying an ad during the big game. However, a couple did mention playing in it.  We’ll be posting more replies on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to check them out and tell us what you or your kids would do with $4 million. GO BRONCOS!

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