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90 Social Tip of the Week: Drive More Leads for Your Business on LinkedIn

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Example of using a banner on a company's Products & Services page

Are you using LinkedIn to acquire more traffic and leads? If not, this might be a missed opportunity. Experian Marketing Services research shows that LinkedIn received 94M total US visits in December 2012. That is a 40% increase compared to the same month the previous year.Here are a few ways to start leveraging LinkedIn to target your B2B and/or B2C market:

  1. Add a custom banner to your company page and have it link back to your site. LinkedIn allows up to three different linkable product banners on the Products & Services section of your company profile, which means you can funnel traffic to a specific landing page and it can also be used as a simple way for users to contact you.
  2. Your banners can also be used to bring more value to your identity by highlighting customer testimonials, popular blog posts, case studies, webinars, showcase video and share other social channels.
  3. LinkedIn Products & Services pages help drive target demographics to specific products or services and also direct them to appropriate pages based on language (geographic) when customizing calls to action within the content.
  4. Companies can attach files or pictures (along with links) to their status updates to help increase the visibility and click-through rates of each post.
  5. Test long vs. short text updates to see what generates the most engagement.
  6. The Lead Collection Widget sits at the top of your profile in which people can easily submit their email address to you.
  7. LinkedIn Sponsored Inmail works to identify who you should target in email campaigns. It’s like email marketing on steroids.
  8. Use LinkedIn Groups to provide opportunities to learn more about your target market and share insights. This will also make your company a contributor to the community.

With some of these techniques you can now start building relationships as well as create new business opportunities. Attract higher-quality leads with LinkedIn.

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