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90 Social Tip of the Week: Visual storytelling with SlideShare


How are you presenting yourself? (Image courtesy of Slideshare)

Social media users love images. The popularity of Instagram and Pinterest along with Facebook’s redesign forecast an image-saturated future for social media. This should come as no surprise since research shows that between 60-65% of people are visual learners, meaning this portion of the population prefers visual stimuli over text.

With 80 million pages viewed per month and 28 million visitors per month, the 293rd most popular site on the Internet, SlideShare, is picking up steam. Touted as the “world’s largest community for sharing presentations,” marketing gurus cannot stop talking about it. With its built-in social components and public sharing abilities, SlideShare offers businesses the opportunity to demonstrate their industry knowledge and expertise by creating robust, easy-to-view presentations.

Beyond its capabilities of demonstrating how innovative and brilliant your company is, SlideShare’s additional benefits include:

Not sold yet? Take it from award-winning brand specialist David Brier, a Slideshare expert with over 200,000 presentation views. In an interview with Forbes contributor Steve Olenski, Brier said, “SlideShare is a great resource, but more importantly, businesses can use SlideShare to get its message out in a venue that is already primed for and seeking information, insight and useful strategies.”

SlideShare is simple to use and can add new life to your old presentations. Illustrate the messages you want to convey to your audience with visual storytelling tools, like SlideShare, to see increased engagement and interest in your brand, while providing the kind of visual content social media users enjoy.

Examples of industry-specific SlideShare use:

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