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Driven By Trust and Transparency

The Golden Circle creator, Simon Sinek. (Image courtesy of Flickr user Cea.)

Rarely will a company prioritize “gaining prospect and customer trust” as a top goal for its marketing campaign. However, trust is one of the most crucial aspects of any relationship: romantic, platonic, familial or professional. If little or no trust exists in a professional relationship, projects will likely not meet goals and will waste time, effort and money. On the other hand, a trusting professional relationship enables both parties to communicate openly so that work is accomplished efficiently and effectively. At 90octane we believe trust is a differentiator. In fact, it’s our why.

Speaker and author Simon Sinek created The Golden Circle, described as “the model that codifies the three distinct and interdependent elements (Why, How, What) that make any person or organization function at its highest ability.” After hearing Sinek speak, 90octane partners Sam Eidson and Jim Grinney decided to explore how The Golden Circle applied to the agency.

90octane’s what and how were simple to define: we’re a conversion-driven marketing agency that uses a variety of tactics (relying heavily on online channels) to help clients reach their revenue goals. We use 90m, a framework of proprietary tools and process to do so (how). Then came the tricky part: isolating the why that fuels 90octane. Eidson and Grinney needed to put their fingers on what gets us all up in the morning fired up to come to work.

Following many brainstorming sessions, a brand audit and a call with Sinek himself, the partners defined 90octane’s why. Our core belief is that trust is a differentiator. Honesty and transparency differentiate our clients and us, and drive all of our business practices.

It’s easy to say, but how do we practice it? By creating and maintaining a set of standards, specific practices and initiatives that our Values Board drives. By empowering our staff to build trust amongst one another and with our clients. And by working with our clients to create campaigns that are transparent. This helps them differentiate themselves in the marketplace so that their prospects and customers know these businesses as trustworthy partners.

View Simon Sinek presenting The Golden Circle at TED.

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