Susan Smith

Optimizing Tweets for Organic Search

Posted by: Susan Smith, Marketing Coordinator

Now that Google and Bing are displaying Twitter tweets in organic search results alongside other social media, tweets should be optimized just as a website would be.  There are multiple ways to increase the relevancy of your tweets and have them indexed by the search engines:

  • Get more followers, each follower is considered an incoming link
  • Get relevant followers, keywords in their bios relate to your relevancy
  • Get tagged in lists that relate to your industry
  • Have your tweets retweeted
  • Tweet relevant, keyword rich content utilizing active lingo and buzzwords
  • Choose a username that is short, easy to remember, and relevant to your brand or industry
  • Stick to one handle/username for consistent indexing
  • Choose an account name that reflects and promotes your brand
  • Utilize the 160 characters available for a bio to insert key words and phrases
  • Place a call to action on your website to gain Twitter followers
  • Embed your Twitter URL in the footer of your website
  • Occasionally tweet a link to your website to drive traffic
  • Place your most important keywords at the beginning of your tweet as that is what shows up in Google

As Twitter continues to gain popularity and people begin seeking out real time updates, optimizing tweets will become vital to keeping your company at the top of the search results.

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