Leslie Norgren

How to Use PPC Advertising to Reach Named Accounts

When you implement a Named Account strategy, you’ll use hyper-targeted tactics to reach, nurture and convert prospects. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a flexible and powerful way to reach them at various phases of the buyer’s journey.

To ensure you have enough information to connect with your prospects through PPC, conduct thorough discovery sessions with your sales team, interview industry experts, read third-party research and join social groups to gather insights about them. Beyond typical demographic and psychographic information, pay attention to details that will help you reach them with your relevant content, such as:

  • Publications they read most often
  • Websites they visit regularly
  • Keywords people in their position are using for online searches
  • Their partners and competitors
  • Their daily schedules
  • How often and when they travel

Once you have developed a baseline understanding about your named account prospects, you can determine how PPC fits into your overall strategy. Here are three ways it can help:

Create Awareness
There are 6 billion searches occurring daily on Google. Your audience is there; the key is reaching them at the right time. Did your research show that your prospects travel each week? You could consider using a one-mile radius target around their offices and broadening your strategy to bid on terms like “flight status.” Then consider serving them an ad directed to a targeted landing page with an industry white paper to read inflight.

Do you know their office schedules? Use that small piece of information to daypart your search campaign, pausing your campaigns completely at certain times of the day. You can even turn on another campaign with a different geo-targeting parameter and higher mobile bids once they’re out of the office and more likely to be using a mobile device.

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Eliza Newcomb

Use LinkedIn to Connect with and Convert Named Accounts

Marketers know that it’s important to identify target markets and tailor campaigns to reach them. One discipline within 90octane’s specialized approach to Top Pursuit Marketing™ is Named Accounts. Named account marketing programs are hyper-targeted, with marketers creating a short list of ideal prospects and delivering precisely the information they need, right when they need it, through just the right channel.

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A Unique Approach to a Holiday Fundraising Campaign Helps the Homeless

Mercy Housing serves families, veterans, seniors and individuals with special needs.

Long-time client Mercy Housing approached us early in 2013 with a fundraising challenge for the holiday season: raise more dollars than the previous year on the same budget. Careful planning, creative thinking and precise execution paid off.

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BMA Colorado Gold Key Award and President’s Award

At the BMA award ceremony with our client, Swisslog Healthcare Solutions.

We were thrilled to accept two awards from the Business Marketing Association on Friday. Along with our client Swisslog, a company that designs automation solutions for hospitals, 90octane was awarded a 2014 Gold Key Award in the Potpourri category. The agency’s Business Impact Director, Kelly Snyder, was also honored with the 2014 President’s Award.

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Mary Harpin

Raise More Funds Online with the Right Content

by Mary Harpin, Senior Storyteller

For nonprofits, clear website content, approachable language and comprehensive information deliver significant returns. According to a Nielsen report, unclear or missing information kills prospective donations 43% of the time. What content you offer, and how you deliver it, is key to acquiring and retaining donors.

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Get the Most from Your Local Search Listings


Google and Bing added knowledge graphs with contact info (on the right) and image carousels to their results page for easy access.

by Genie Hamilton, Search Intern

There are about four billion local search queries conducted per month, and about 88% of them result in a phone inquiry or walk-in within 24-hours. But if your business name, address or phone number (NAP) is incorrect in local search results, you’re missing out on sales. More than half of business listings online have a phone number or address error on local search results, which could send potential customers to a competitor.

Local listings allow prospects to connect with you through your own virtual storefront, making it easy for them to call, get directions, read reviews or access more information.

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