What’s in a brand? For our clients at Querencia, we dug deep to find out. In this 90 with 90, Interactive Designer James Collingwood and Storyteller Erin Smith explain how we built a new brand that showed the luxury Cabo resort was so much more than a destination.

About the Speaker

James Collingwood

Interactive Designer

Driven by his mantra of “Capture, Change, Collaborate and Create,” James is always looking to explore the creative space and push the boundaries of human-centered design. When he isn’t sketching or zoned in a Sketch project, he’ll be cruising around Denver on his bike or jetting off to the nearest coastline to plunge the depths of his true calling: scuba diver/shark tamer.

About the Speaker

Erin Smith


An avid grammar geek, Erin thrives on the challenge of translating complex stories into a language understood and appreciated by all. When she’s not in the office, you can find her trying to teach her (alleged) Labrador retriever puppy to fetch or bobbing her head at one of Denver’s open-air music venues.