In 90 with 90, 90octane team members share their marketing expertise in under 90 seconds. In this video, Account Director Nicole Thomas talks about the healthcare information technology trade show HIMSS, one of the biggest gathering of clinicians, executives and vendors in the world. Learn how applied use of industry intelligence helps ensure our programs are are just what the doctor ordered.


Applying Healthcare Industry Intelligence to Client Challenges


In March, the 90octane healthcare team had the opportunity to attended the Healthcare Information Management & Systems Society Conference (HIMSS) with one of our clients. One of the biggest healthcare information and technology conferences in the world, HIMSS unites more than 40,000 global healthcare IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendor partners to connect on industry education and innovative product solutions — all with the goal of providing better healthcare at lower costs.

Since from a marketing perspective, we help clients connect the dots between what’s happening in their industries and how that translates into new opportunities for their businesses, it was useful for us to attend educational sessions and visit various booths on the floor.

We were able to deepen our understanding of the key industry challenge: that healthcare costs are ever-increasing, but the value of care is not. Adding to that challenge is the fact that proving the return-on-investment (ROI) on value-based initiatives is new territory for many healthcare organizations. In their everyday jobs, the professionals at the show try to use smart data and innovative technology to solve this problem and determine how to get the care model in sync with the payment model. That’s something that we can help accomplish.

Within the conference’s overarching theme about how to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs through value-based-care, a few useful subthemes stood out:

  • How to build effective population health strategies using actionable data
  • Digital healthcare and how to use innovative methods to improve patient engagement and reduce costs (virtual care, telemedicine, etc.)
  • How to make sense of the “data tsunami” and know if you have the data you need to inform business initiatives (external vs. internal)
  • “Person-centered” care and the increasing demands of patients with the evolving healthcare consumer market
  • A holistic, collaborative approach to healthcare that addresses the full continuum of care

By understanding these powerful trends influencing the healthcare industry, we can more effectively provide impactful solutions for our clients through strategic marketing initiatives.

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Nicole Thomas

Account Director

Nikki helps develop strategy for client campaigns across a variety of industries and ensures that our programs meet client goals.