The most successful 90ers are usually those who carve their own paths. In this 90 with 90, new hire Lara Innamorati, seasoned 90er Holly Schnicke and veteran Kelly Snyder share what they’ve learned from diving into the day-to-day over months and years on the team.

About the Speaker

Lara Innamorati

Project Manager

Lara is a master organizer, passionate about all things digital. She brings a wide range of digital production experience to the table. She is often told that she has the most photographed dog in the world (which she proudly accepts).

About the Speaker

Holly Schnicke

Account Manager

Holly specializes in building and nurturing client relationships and using data to build and optimize effective, engaging campaigns.

About the Speaker

Kelly Snyder

Managing Director

Kelly creates ambitious and unique strategies to hit client business goals. She’s passionate about understanding what makes people tick and connecting clients to their top prospects.