There’s more to Colorado than skiing and craft beer.

It’s also home to a thriving business community and the strongest economy in the country this year. As an agency that’s been part of that business community for the past 18 years, we’re honored to be named an official 2018 Colorado Company to Watch.

Colorado Companies to Watch puts the spotlight on 50 high-performing second-stage businesses that contribute to the state economy by providing jobs, generating revenue and demonstrating innovative products or processes. This year’s winners were announced June 22 at the Denver Tech Center Marriott.

We’re humbled to be named alongside this year’s winners and look forward to continuing to deepen our impact on the Colorado community in the future. It’s an exciting time for our team, and it’s all made possible by the partnership of our clients.

So, what’s new? Over the last two years, we’ve doubled our staff, welcomed several new Fortune 500 clients, moved into a new office and grown by 76 percent. What hasn’t changed is our unwavering dedication to doing impactful work for our clients, building relationships through trust and nurturing one of the best teams in the industry.


We continue to add top talent, develop the team’s expertise and cultivate a culture that revolves around doing the best work of our careers. In fact, to keep the momentum going strong, we’ve brought on a full-time employer brand manager to head up talent acquisition and onboarding.


We provide our clients with unique business insights, helping them to stay ahead within their rapidly changing markets and continue to meet their goals.


We thrive on agile collaboration, bringing each client an interdepartmental group of team leads who take equal ownership over the account’s success. Not only that, to keep the focus on concrete results and empower a flexible workflow tied to client priorities, we don’t track time.


From media planning to marketing automation to full-funnel and account-based marketing expertise, we’ve brought all the skills we need in-house. This allows us to be a true full-service partner to our clients while ensuring each deliverable is executed to our high standards.

With big thanks to all of the clients, partners and employees who have propelled us forward since our founding in 2000, here’s to many more exciting years to come!

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Erin Smith


An avid grammar geek, Erin thrives on the challenge of translating complex stories into a language understood and appreciated by all. When she’s not in the office, you can find her wistfully window-shopping for puppies at the Humane Society or bobbing her head at one of Denver’s open-air music venues.