Like most writers, I start the day with coffee. Preferably, a lot of it. By the time I sit down at my desk to sip my second cup of medium roast, I’m ready to scan my calendar lineup for the day. Because I’m constantly searching for that ideal blend of meetings, writing and creative thinking, I’ve already scheduled my tasks for the day based on deadlines and pre-scheduled events.

The meeting-to-creative-time ratio is one of many things unique to 90octane, and to the role of storyteller as opposed to copywriter. Because storytellers are involved in shaping the narrative of a brand and each specific campaign, we’re involved in a lot of collaboration from the time strategy begins. We collaborate ongoingly with the account team and the design team. We do as much research and strategy as we do creative, and that research and strategy shapes the creative.

Here’s what a typical day looks like:

  1. Drink coffee.
  1. Write the first deliverable of the day, either a landing page, an ad, an email for a nurture series, or a segment of an e-book or whitepaper
  1. Attend a strategy brainstorm for an account-based marketing campaign we’re working on with a Fortune 500 finance client. We deliberate about the approach and plan a timeline, starting with research and insights and then moving into strategy outputs, such as personas and messaging architecture.
  1. Check Microsoft Outlook email, scanning my inbox for important new assignments or client feedback on ongoing projects.
  1. Check Slack for direct messages, or, in the general channel, funny memes, gifs or recommended lunch spots.
  1. Edit a colleague’s blog or ad copy, careful to adhere to the ever-important editorial guideline to avoid being an a$$hole (you know, be constructive, not rude).
  1. Eat my frozen Amy Organics Thai Green Curry lunch whilst chatting with friends or watching an outdoor expedition on the large tv in the bar near the kitchen.
  1. Attend a team meeting to present new creative concepts to a client over the phone, hoping that any silent pause is due to wordless amazement at our strategic insight and creative glory.
  1. Debrief with my art director colleague about how the call went, which concept the client seems to like best, and if there’s anything we should send as follow-up. Usually, because we work in interdepartmental industry-focused teams, these conversations are about the same few finance clients that we share.
  1. Revise a copy document based on client feedback and send it back to the account team via Basecamp.
  1. Take a walk. We all know that sitting in your office all day without a break, chugging caffeine and typing at 120 words-a-minute, isn’t exactly conducive to collaboration or creativity. I leave the building for some fresh air to clear my head.
  1. Write or edit the last deliverable of the day, a blog or ad or email
  1. Grab a glass of wine and head to Thirsty Thursday for some team presentations on an award we won, a conference someone attended, a new campaign launch or a list of new team initiatives that aim to make 90octane an even more effective and gratifying place to work. Often, those conversations include hiring and onboarding.

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Because storytellers are involved in shaping the narrative of a brand and each specific campaign, we’re involved in a lot of collaboration from the time strategy begins.

About the Author

Megan Feldman

Senior Storyteller

An award-winning author with more than a decade of writing experience for top U.S. publications and brands, Megan uses research and storytelling to craft messaging strategy and bring client solutions to life through multiple channels. When she’s not writing, she can be found playing with her family in the wilds of Colorado.