To expand a healthcare software company’s brand awareness in a competitive market, we built a messaging platform and lead generation campaign around its key differentiator: the knowledgeable employees who deliver a proven solution with impeccable customer service. Through unique images and copy that highlighted the real people behind the products, the Faces Campaign generated 1,300 leads in four months.

TriZetto Provider Solutions® & the Faces Campaign

Standing Out In a Crowd

A Brand Awareness & Lead Generation Program in the Healthcare Industry

The Challenge

TriZetto Provider Solutions® (TPS) offers software that enables healthcare providers and payers to manage revenue cycles. Because the company was part of multiple mergers and acquisitions, the physicians and healthcare practice administrators in its target market were unfamiliar with the new name and brand. TPS was inaccurately viewed as a newcomer, despite its entrenched role in the industry and proven solutions. TPS had to find a way to establish its brand identity and be heard above others competing for the same clients in a noisy healthcare industry.

TPS also needed high quality leads that would become customers of Gateway EDI – one of the company’s flagship software solutions – and, ultimately, drive revenue.


Campaign Chronology

Research, Discovery & Analysis

Strategy Development

Faces Photo Shoot & Interviews

Asset Audit & Creation

Lead Generation Campaign Build

PPC, Ad, Email & Landing Page Deployment

Marketing > Sales Lead Capture

Results & Optimization

“The 90octane storytelling team tied in real people who work at TPS to show that we have a new brand, but the same people you loved are still here.”

Heidi Budreau

Sr. Manager, Provider Solutions Marketing

The Solution

Thorough research into the TPS brand revealed that exceptional customer service is what makes it stand out from its competitors. To capitalize on this, we conducted a photo shoot and interviews with 14 client-facing and problem-solving employees. Each represented an actual face behind the company’s highly rated customer service. This human approach was especially compelling given that the majority of healthcare advertising uses stock photos and not realistic, personal visuals and stories.

Using the Faces concept, we developed a multi-channel campaign that positioned TPS as a thought leader not only in healthcare software, but specifically in regard to an upcoming challenge: the update of World Health Organization medical terminology known as ICD-10. We developed a lead generation strategy based on TPS’s solutions for navigating the complicated update.

We broadcast existing and newly developed assets through pay-per-click (PPC) ads, social media, emails, and print and banner ads to generate leads. Warm leads were sent to the TPS sales team while the rest were nurtured through emails featuring an ebook, webinar, FAQ and infographic tailored to the upcoming change and how TPS could help ensure a smooth transition. The Faces campaign showed that the useful technology TPS offers is backed by deep knowledge and accessible people – people who help customers through everyday challenges.


The campaign generated more than 1,300 leads in four months with an average weekly marketing conversion rate of 4.5-6%.

Throughout the program, 90octane met weekly to review analytics and boost results. Our optimization techniques range from broad program adjustments to the most minute, but impactful, tests. For example, when we tested call-to-action (CTA) button colors on display ads and switched from blue to orange, we saw an immediate lift in conversion rates from 2.62% to 3%. In addition, using positive language such as “smooth transition” and “let’s tackle ICD-10 together” converted at a rate of up to 9.9% and 22.77% respectively, as opposed to the average 4% attained by using “urgency” messaging. We optimized all campaign content as a result.

Following the successful program, 90octane expanded its engagement with TPS to include additional targeted marketing and sales enablement strategies.

“The program resulted in 1,300 leads. Not only did it bring in leads, but it helped morale and enabled us to really show up against our competition.”

Heidi Budreau

Sr. Manager, Provider Solutions Marketing