The FIFA World Cup is more than just a celebration of the sport of football. For millions around the globe, the 32-day long tournament also provides a platform for nations and people to bond over a shared belief in their teams’ ability to triumph.

With 64 games taking place in such a short window of time, outcomes shift with a speed and volatility that defines the energy of the event. The fate of each team rests on knife-edge results and players can become national heroes or villains in a matter of moments.

In the commotion surrounding this year’s tournament, I used Google Data Studio to create a resource where I could reference the results each team needed in order to advance out of their groups, and eventually into the knockout bracket. With each goal recorded in a dataset, a fan like myself could see the impact on their favorite team’s chances in the competition, along with an analysis of which teams scored and were scored against most frequently leading up to France’s win in the final match against Croatia. The Google team even shared the dashboard on Twitter and included it in an internal blog sent to fellow employees around the globe.

Can’t get enough of the World Cup? Take a look at the dashboard to recap the action.

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Will Sherman

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