It was just another sunny day in Colorado when I walked into the historical—and happening—Denver Opera House for Authority Rainmaker 2015. Hosted by Copyblogger’s founder and CEO Brian Clark, this two-day conference promised to deliver some of the best tips from the brightest minds in marketing. The theme? How do you use content, search and social media to accelerate business? Here are my two favorite takeaways from the most persuasive speakers:

1) Think “Seller Beware” Rather Than “Buyer Beware”

According to Daniel Pink, author of several New York Times bestsellers, the buyer is now sitting in the catbird seat. Armed with just as much information as the seller, the buyer can do a competitive analysis, price comparison and product availability search in a matter of minutes. As the seller, you need to replace “always be closing” with the new ABCs of selling:

  • Attunement – Understand your prospect’s perspective and need by finding a common ground and speaking their language.
  • Buoyancy – Stay afloat in an ocean of rejection using “interrogative self talk.”
    Rather than saying, “I got this.” Ask yourself, “Can I do this?” Then answer “Yes!” and mentally rattle off all the reasons why it’s true.
  • Clarity – Curate information so it makes more sense to your customers. The premium has shifted from the skill of problem solving to the skill of problem finding.

Tip: “When the facts are clearly on your side, persuading with questions is extremely effective. When the facts are not clearly on your side, take a breath, leave your desk and go out and find some new facts.”

2) Captivate Customers with Your “Fascination Advantage”

How do people perceive you? Sally Hogshead, branding expert and creator of The Fascination Advantage Assessment, has the answer. Unlike Myers-Briggs or StrengthsFinder, this is the world’s first personality assessment that measures how the

world sees you, not how you see the world. In a nutshell, it allows you to discover your natural advantages of persuasion or your personal brand.

The science of fascination is based on Sally’s decade of research with 250,000 initial participants, including dozens of Fortune 500 teams, hundreds of small businesses and thousands of C-level executives. After a brief online questionnaire (I took the Express version for only $9.99), you’ll learn which of the 49 Personality Archetypes you are. Are you The Secret Weapon? The Maestro? Or the Mastermind?

I got “The Rockstar” (sweet!) which means my Primary Advantage and most effective mode of communication is Innovation. My Secondary Advantage is Passion. By using both of these to my advantage, I can come across as more confident and authentic. On the other hand, my Dormant Advantage is Mystique and holds the least potential for me to fascinate others. (See the chart below.)

Once you determine your Fascination Archetype, you can use it as your natural superpower. By knowing your unique advantages, you can propel your career or business to the next level. “In a crowded and competitive world, it’s crucial to understand what kind of impression you’re making on clients and co-workers,” says Hogshead. I’m with Sally, I definitely felt more empowered. For example, I can use Innovation to propose unexpected solutions by reimagining something from the ground up rather than tweaking some existing ideas.

Another way you can use the assessment is to create better teams, happier customers, and a smarter company overall. By teaming up with co-workers who have complementary advantages to yours, you’re almost unstoppable. I mean, just imagine me, The Rockstar, teaming up with The Mastermind and The Secret Weapon? Pretty powerful stuff.

But what about you? What makes you so fascinating to others? Take the 5-minute test for yourself at You know you’re dying to find out.

Tip: “To become more successful, don’t change who you are. Become more of who you are.”

Tip: “To become more successful, don’t change who you are. Become more of who you are.” – Sally Hogshead, branding expert and creator of The Fascination Advantage Assessment

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