Clients are the center of our universe here at 90octane. Which means that as Manager of Talent Acquisition—without clients of my own—I have a unique perspective on life within the agency.  Today, I’d like to take a few steps back and share it with you.

On my first Thursday at 90octane, I noticed a calendar invitation for a weekly meeting where we would come together as an agency to celebrate wins, share updates and welcome new hires to the team. On that particular occasion, I was the new hire.

I had been warned that I would be expected to share “Two Truths and a Lie” with the agency, and I came prepared with a scribbled-on Post-It note so I wouldn’t forget my lie. (Naturally, the truth is easier to remember.)

Standing in front of a room of strangers was intimidating at the time, but I couldn’t feel more different about it today. The people here are no longer strangers, but some of my closest friends and most respected colleagues. Through all the time that has passed, I’ve learned what makes our culture tick and how to spot the qualities that help folks find success in this agency environment.

First, “That’s not my job” isn’t something you hear much.  By contrast, it’s common to hear shout-outs to people who’ve gone above and beyond their job descriptions to create something amazing for our clients. Regardless of who’s technically responsible for any task, the focus is always on doing our best work. Sometimes, that means learning a new skill to bridge a gap or working a few extra hours to help a team member who came down with a cold. Everyone does it with a smile, without asking for a pat on the back. The sense of satisfaction comes from within (or even better—from seeing a campaign crush performance goals).

“Can I get your thoughts on this?” is something I hear throughout the office on a daily basis.  This team is always hungry for feedback, fresh ideas and advice from others—we’ll even get the whole agency together to discuss.  Remember that weekly Thursday meeting? We often use it to run an agency-wide brainstorm called 90X.  The folks here are dedicated to providing exceptional work for our clients, and having every brain on deck helps us solve complex problems and learn from one another in the process. As an insider looking in, it’s clear that breaking down departmental silos with agency-wide collaboration helps build a culture of support and respect that goes beyond the 4:00-5:00pm window every Thursday.

Since my first Thursday meeting, those weekly get-togethers feel very different now. I look around the room while presenting recruiting updates (sans Post-It) and I see a group of friends, mentors, leaders, marketing geniuses and a few people I swear have second careers as comedians.  When new hires stand up to share their “Two Truths and a Lie,” I can’t help but smile—knowing the sea of people in front them of will change their lives and careers for the better, in no time at all.

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Regardless of who’s technically responsible for any task, the focus is always on doing our best work.

About the Author

Becca Zukowski

Manager of Talent Acquisition

Becca focuses on full life-cycle recruiting, perfecting the employee experience from on-boarding through off-boarding, as well as improving the brand to ensure 90octane is attracting (and keeping) the best talent in the industry.