Digital Media Advertising Trends for 2017

In the 90octane Audience Engagement Team’s first two installments of this trends series, we examined search and social media. In this final installment, we turn to paid media. Every aspect of audience engagement is shifting constantly, and media ads are no exception.... read more

Social Media Forecast for 2017

Social media moves at the speed of sound and is much more than sharing, liking and tweeting. It is a highly strategic way to communicate with audiences around the globe and offers sophisticated targeting opportunities. So what’s next for social this year? Read on for... read more

Search Forecast for 2017

Staying abreast of digital marketing trends is critical when it comes to designing campaigns that have maximum impact. With that in mind, the 90octane Audience Engagement Team has compiled a 2017 trends forecast for search, social and media. Below, in the first... read more