Mario, Miyamoto and Problem-Solving Design

Video gaming companies may not be the first place you’d look for inspiration about problem-solving in business, but we can learn a lot from Nintendo. Nintendo’s designers, like the people who create products for any company, must know their customers (or “players”)... read more

Happy Holidays from 90octane

This year has been filled with expansion, hard work and camaraderie. As 2017 comes to a close, we find ourselves full of appreciation — for our work, for our team, and for the clients and partners who make it all possible. That’s why we’ve made a cookie... read more

What We’re Thankful For

In this show-and-tell Thanksgiving video, we take turns sharing what we’re thankful for. From the warm-and-fuzzy (kids, spouses and pets) to the active (bikes and skiing) to the idiosyncratic (crystals, juggling, “sneaky booze” and more!), we celebrate... read more

90 with 90: Rachel Woodburn on Retrospectives

In 90 with 90, 90octane team members discuss marketing insights in under 90 seconds. Here, as 90octane Project Management Supervisor, I talk about the value of retrospectives, the practice of looking back in order to move forward effectively. Analyzing the strengths... read more

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