Personalized search is here … actually, it’s been here 10 years. It’s disregarded or despised by SEOs who target keywords instead of prospects and use broad keyword listing reports to measure performance. For marketers looking to tightly target high-value prospect segments, it’s great news.

That’s why we created “Fueling Focus: How 90octane Leverages Personalized Search.

So, what is personalized search? It means that you and I can query the same term in the same search engine and get different results. It delivers results based on the searcher’s unique profile, which could include language, location, web browsing history and even social connections.

Follow our upcoming, three-part series called Top Pursuit Organic Search Strategies here on 90blog for a deeper dive into how personalized search augments the marketing mix and helps you hone in on high-value segments. Topics include:

  1. Key Audience Identification & Persona Development – Define target segments, develop personas and create stories for search
  2. Content Mapping & Search Term Strategy – Look for content gaps to fill to guide the users through the funnel and identify implications on everything from keyword selection to multi-device design
  3. Content Optimization & Success Metrics – Manage search content around the user’s perspective, measure based on the target segment and make modifications to move buyers through the purchase decision process

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Fueling Focus – How 90octane leverages Personalized Search to engage your most valued prospects in a crowded, noisy marketplace