Since marketing is about building relationships, it’s not far-fetched to compare the process to dating. And now, with tools like the Facebook pixel and other technologies that allow marketers to tailor messaging to specific audience members, the comparison is even more apt. Just as you wouldn’t propose on the first date, you probably wouldn’t serve someone an ad asking them to buy when they’ve never heard of your brand. On social media, as with dating, your marketing interactions should be appropriate to the maturity of the relationship.

In this video from last year’s 90octane open house, I talk about how this personalized approach applies to social media ads. Before serving someone an ad, it’s important to know where he or she is in the purchase process so that you can tailor your messaging accordingly. Learn more about how to do that.




About the Author

Maddy Cross

Social Strategy Supervisor

Maddy is a results-driven social media enthusiast. Through the execution of strategic, paid social media campaigns, she communicates with the most relevant audiences to help exceed business goals.