As 2014 comes to a close, here at 90octane we’re feeling grateful for all of the clients who have trusted us to devise campaigns that push new boundaries, take risks and create powerful results. Here, we review three examples of ambitious new approaches we took on this year.

1) Something New for Gates Corporation

For the 2014 CONEXPO-CON/AGG construction trade show in Las Vegas, we developed an integrated campaign centralized around a visual story of Gates Corporation’s end market solutions. The story, which aligned with Challenger Sale methodology, focused on four key points: safety, downtime, design and resources.

For an event with 2,400 exhibitors and 130,000 attendees, we knew we had to create something that would stand out from the crowd. We devised compelling visuals and messaging for pre-show emails and social media and then heavily leveraged custom illustrations within the booth design and in a digital sales enablement tool for the event.

As attendees visited and engaged with the booth, company representatives collected leads that expanded their registrant databases. They later followed up with them using a targeted email campaign.

Together, 90octane and Gates crafted an end-to-end event design concept that told a cohesive story from first touches prior to the event, through the booth experience at the event and beyond in the sales process.

2) The Globus family of brands Monograms Video Campaign

To raise the visibility of Monograms, a travel brand focused on vacation packages for the independent-minded, we designed a program to drive views of a promotional video (by advertising agency Xuma). The story follows a couple traveling through Rome with help from Carlo, an Italian Local Host®, who picks them up at the airport, helps them avoid long lines at the Colosseum and recommends restaurants and even specific dishes to enjoy.

We promoted the video to prospects through Hulu, YouTube and the YuMe video network, including companion banners and overlays so that people could click from the video to the brand’s website. Through fine-tuned placement selection, pinpointed targeting and clear calls-to-action, we breezed past view and click goals and projections.

This year, with the help of innovative clients like Globus, we provided a significant impact on customer engagement even in the most hyper-targeted media programs.

3) Swisslog Healthcare Solutions Sales Enablement

For Swisslog, which designs hospital automation solutions that enhance safety and enable doctors to provide better patient care, we created an original tablet-based sales enablement tool for the company’s 25 representatives. The tool used 24 illustrated slides to show a patient’s journey from cardiac arrest to recovery, highlighting Swisslog product capabilities along the way. As the patient progresses through each phase and different areas of the hospital, starting with the emergency room, the slides demonstrate how various Swisslog offerings work in concert to save the man’s life.

Instead of highlighting products separately, this tool allows sales representatives to show prospects, including directors of pharmacy and facilities managers, how an entire suite of Swisslog devices increases hospital efficiency. That, in turn, means more time at the patient bedside for caregivers, faster turnover of hospital beds and more people treated in less time.

In 2015 our creative and technology teams will debut the next iteration of the tool, a highly interactive version that will be usable across devices, from tablets to smartphones.

Thanks to all of our clients for your partnership and trust.