Resolutions aren’t just a good way to re-commit to your gym membership. By applying resolutions to an organization’s social media tactics, the New Year is a great time to reset habits and set a plan for social media success in the year ahead.

90octane posted our staff’s personal resolutions on our Facebook page. Here is a list of our resolutions for social media strategy.

  • Be More Relevant. We all know that to stand out in the social media space, you have to stand out from the noise, but no one has time to spend all day researching unique content. TIP: Use tools such a Google Alerts, Twitter Lists, Newsletter subscriptions and internal social communities to funnel interesting third-party content into your news feeds. You’ll spend less time on content research and provide more value to your audiences while growing your company’s relationship with stakeholders.
  • Target (Don’t Blast): There’s an inclination to spread messaging equally across multiple social channels. But you’ll get more bang for your buck if you take a more strategic approach. TIP: Identify the channels that align to your goals for the year and target attention to the right channels, instead of automatically posting the same content to them all. We aren’t suggesting shutting down any existing healthy communities, nor should they be neglected. We are suggesting you be thoughtful about what you say and where you say it in order to increase impact and achieve goals.
  • Leverage Your People: Your social media presence is an opportunity for your employees to express your organization’s personality. TIP:Showcase company values and highlight best-in-class work from within the organization. Give kudos to the people on your team and your partners for the milestones they achieve.

What are some resolutions that you think make sense to apply to your organization’s social media marketing function?