In this show-and-tell Thanksgiving video, we take turns sharing what we’re thankful for. From the warm-and-fuzzy (kids, spouses and pets) to the active (bikes and skiing) to the idiosyncratic (crystals, juggling, “sneaky booze” and more!), we celebrate gratitude with props — and even a song or two. Happy Thanksgiving!

About the Author

Darin Lammers

Interactive Designer

Somewhere between ‘debonair gent’ and ‘affable goof,’ Darin brings laughter and wit to his design work at 90octane – specializing in videography, animation and illustration.

About the Author

Scott Fassett

Senior Interactive Art Director

Known affectionately around the office as “Scoots,” Scott specializes in user experience, creative conceptualization, art direction and caffeine consumption at 90octane.